Amazing Property “Salones Princesa” just 25 km away from Alicante.Built in 2001 and inspired by the neoclassical style of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.It is located in the city center and the administrative license is suitable for restaurants and entertainment.
It consists of 4 floors below ground level and 5 floors above ground level, total surface of 7.989,15 square meters. The structure is built with reinforced concrete with 600kg/square meter floor strength according to the requirements of public area buildings. The exterior consists of embossed marble and Versailles-style wrought iron balconies. The building enclosure is made of brick and includes thermal and sound proofing and the façade is made of red marble from Caravaca (Spain).

The interior consists of beautiful ceramic and black marble floors, the marble is from Botswana (Africa). Plinth made of cream-golden fossilized fern marble from Almeria (Spain). In each hall there are 3 big lamps of 1,8 meters in diameter made of Swarovski Crystal and in the lobby there is a vertical lamp of  12 meters of the same Swarovski quality. Additionally, on each floor of the building there are beautiful Carrara marble sculptures created by the Sculpture Art School in Florence. 

The outer terrace, located on the 3rd floor, is designed according to the classic style of Valencia. The air conditioning equipment and sound proofing of the building are among the best quality ones that can be found in Spain. Mixed PVC and aluminum external carpentry, two ways opening tilt and turn double glazed casement windows with venetian blinds. The plumbing is made of copper tubing and PVC drain pipe. Powerful centralized air conditioning equipment has been installed that provides air conditioning to the entire building. There is an automatic 30 kv electric generator that provides emergency power in the event of a power outage. There is a purifying and osmosis system for water treatment, in addition to a water tank with capacity for 30,000 liters. 750kv electric transformer installed.

The parking area provides space for 90 cars and is accessed through a spiral ramp from floor level -1 to floor level -4.


Surface table:



Floor -1 1.032,29 m² Cold storage unit and building infrastructure

Floor -2 822,46 m² Parking

Floor -3 1.032,29 m² Parking

Floor -4 675,23 m² Parking

TOTAL 3.262,27 m²



Ground floor 1.032,29 m² Currently Bingo Hall and slot machines

First floor 1.010,38 m² Halls

Second floor 1.010,38 m² Halls

Third floor 664+104,52 m² Halls + terrace

Fourth floor 605,30 m² Kitche 

TOTAL 4.426,86 m²



Fifth floor – Air conditioning infrastructure