Alicante, a city located in southwest of Spain has a soft Mediterranean climate with temperatures oscillating in summer between 30º and 20º and in winter 16º and 6º being its yearly average 18º degrees. With its climatic characteristics in last years it became one of the most preferred places for many north and central Europeans for settling second residence or even the main residence where almost whole year is spring.

Not only the climate influences this decision, the friendly and hospitable character of alicantinos is also decisive for those who look to establish its residence in Alicante.

The province of Alicante harmonically combines the seaside with mountains. Thus you can fully enjoy the sea having at reach well equipped nautical clubs of Alicante, and mountains with their natural parks like sierra de Mariola where you can enjoy authentic Mediterranean forest or natural park of La Mata in Torrevieja situated on the south coast of Alicante.

The cultural heritage is well represented by the widely recognized in Europe archaeological museum Marq or recently created MACA Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante located in antique barocco building in the centre of the city.

Another attraction of the city is the Teatro Principal de Alicante with its excellent programme of operas, classic and contemporary theatres, musicals, etc.

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Fotografía: Galería Comunidad Valenciana